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So what's a love story and why would you want one? Well, the answer is pretty simple, because your story is yours, it's unique and there is nothing like a great film to portray the love you feel for each other. With love stories you can let your friends know how unique and beautiful your love is. You can use it to as an invitation to you wedding or simply share for joy! We take take our work very seriously and we promise you'll love what we create for you!

We will film you in several different locations of your choice and make that film truly yours! (additional fees if far traveling needed) Please feel free to contact us for any questions.This service is also offered with some of our packages, so take a look and save yourself some money when you book with us your wedding day while also getting a nice Love Story Film!

Love Stories or Romantic music video longer than 3 minutes start at $550. If video is shorter travel may also affect overall price. We have referenced the cost of each video below so you have an idea of possible costs. 

Save the Date Film
-Price $625
Video was filmed at Tipso Lake Near Mt.Rainier

Tony and Isla Love Story/ Save the DateWhen a couple loves each other and we mean it, when they love each other just like this couple here, our job is to project that love and turn it into = something amazing!! That what Tony and Isla are about, this amazing love story is thanks to the amazing love they feel for each other! Enjoy! :)
-Price: $1,225
Video was filmed at Levenworth, WA. Grandview WA and Yakima WA.
Miguel + Yanet love film!This great couple will be joining lives on Aug 9, 2014. We wish them the absolute best!
-Price: $550
Video was filmed at the Yakima Greenway